What is Tech Support?

Technical support provides help regarding specific problems with a product or service, rather than providing training, provision or customization of products, or other support services.

Why learn it now?

Easy and fast to learn
It requires only basic skills, no programming

More job opportunities
Employers need tech support for their projects

Higher chance to be hired
If you apply for both QA and Tech Support jobs

Improve your communication  
To provide better feedback to the clients and colleagues


Section 1

Desktop applications, browser plugins and online tools for note-taking, grammar checking, time tracking, screen and video capturing, speed typing. Organizing your help desk tickets with Zendesk.

Section 2

Mastering email and chat support. Develop skills of effective communication in different environments: active listening and empathy, gathering data from the client, troubleshooting, demonstrating an individual approach.

Section 3

Effective job search and job applications. Preparing for the Tech Support job interview. Interview questions and tests.


Simple data analytics with Looker. More tech support training and tutorials.

Our instructors

Olga Trofimova

Tech Support Manager with 15 years of experience at Twilio, Adobe, Microsoft

Anastasia Shapovalova

6 years in QA & Support at Namecheap.com and Blueboard

Max Glubochansky

Engineer of 6 years at Apple, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies

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