What is Python?

Python is one of the most popular and fastest growing programming language today. You can use it in Web Development, Data Science, AI, Mobile development, Testing.

Why learn Python now?

Really easy and fast to learn
Python is really easy to understand language with friendly syntaxis

The most popular language
A lot of employers need Python developers on their projects

Large community
There is a large online community of Python users and experts

Higher Salary
Python developers earn $116,028 per year on average in the US


Lesson 1

Introduction. Data types (numbers, strings, boolean). Syntax. Name spaces. Comments. Numbers. Integer. Float. Math. Data input/output. Number conversion (int(), float()).

Lesson 2

Strings. Formating. Concatenation. String conversion (str()). Slicing. Indexes. String methods.

Lesson 3

Conditionals. If, elif, else. Conditional operators. Logical AND, NOT & OR. == vs is.

Lesson 4

Loops. For, while. Iterable data. Ranges. Infinity loops. Functions. Syntax. Arguments. Calls. Default values. Value scope.

Lesson 5

Lists. Creating. Indexes. Slicing. List methods. Dictionaries. Creating. Indexes and Values. Dictionary methods. Tuples. Methods, loops and math. JSON data.

Lesson 6

Classes. Defining classes. Class instance. Static methods and class methods. Private variables and private methods.

Our instructor

Ilya Tishin

4 years of experience in web-development and QA

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