Top 10 best websites to use when trying to find a testing job in 2020
Whether you are a newbie to the tech field, or an experienced professional, looking for a new job can be exhausting. There are so many online job boards, plus thousands of websites, which makes deciding where to start a ‘job search’ really hard.
A Guide To: White Box, Black Box, and Gray Box testing.
There are three methods of testing used in the software testing process: White Box, Black Box, and Gray Box testing. All three methods focus on the testing process from a different point of view, and cannot be used on their own. Completing all three of these methods guarantees that a higher quality product reaches the end-user.
QA Tester: Who is a tester? What skills are needed for this job? And what responsibilities has a tester got?
Testing is a growing profession, and you can clearly see why. Our world is filled with technology, of all different kinds. With all of this tech around the place, the only way for different businesses to compete is to bring prestigious and reputable products or services to the market.
What Does a QA Engineer Do?
If you are currently browsing through job adverts and you’re looking for ‘testing jobs’ you will find that there are many different names used in the testing field for ‘testing jobs’. For example, some companies are looking to hire QA testers or Manual QAs, and others are looking for QA analysts or QA Engineers. With so many job titles in the testing field it can be confusing for a new tester. 
Software Testing: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners
According to job search portals like, QA engineering is one of the top five most popular jobs in IT in 2020. The IT field is growing faster than ever, and IT companies are creating new quality assurance teams every single day to ensure that only the most sophisticated, and high quality products enter the market.
Can you learn to become a software tester from your own home?
Absolutely! It is possible to learn software testing from your own home. Plus, you can become a successful software tester fast and get jobs pretty quickly as well.
How to Get a Software Testing Job Without Any Testing Experience...
If you are still deciding on which career path to take, or perhaps you’re considering changing your current career, the tech field is something you should look into.
Burnout: What is it? Why does it occur? What are the symptoms? And, what to do if it occurs?
Burnout is not actually a new word or phenomenon, as some of you might have thought. In fact, the term "burnout" was actually coined by the American psychiatrist Herbert Fredenberg way back in 1974. He used this term to describe the psychological state of a healthy person who had been in a long-term emotionally charged atmosphere.
The QA Process: A beginner’s guide to the main stages, steps and tools of Quality Assurance
When you’re thinking about becoming a tester, and you’re reading about the topic, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the concepts and terms associated with QA. There are so many terms in the QA process that don’t mean anything to you, like ‘black box’, ‘white box’, ‘unit tests’, ‘regression tests’, ‘manual’ and ‘automated’ testing, ‘BrowserStack’, and ‘Jira’...
‘Software Testing’, ‘Quality Control’, and ‘Quality Assurance’: What do these terms mean?
For someone who is just embarking on their career in IT there is often a lot of confusion over basic terms. Of these terms, the ones that cause the most confusion are, ‘software testing’, ‘quality assurance’, and ‘quality control’. These terms do sound rather similar, and for those who don’t know the difference between them, you could easily mix them up. Moreover, there are even some product managers who don’t fully understand the meaning of these terms in software quality management. This typically results in projects going beyond their initial budget, and in some cases projects just failing to meet any sort of standard.
Python: Why do you need to learn this language now?
Python is a high-level programming language with a minimalistic syntax. With the help of Python, you can successfully develop system applications with a GUI, command-line utilities, various specialized software solutions, games, web applications, and lots of other things.
QA in Software Testing: Everything you should know and more
If you’re one of our avid blog readers you’ll know that we talk a lot about software quality assurance. We look at what it is? How to get into it? And, what are the standards and procedures of software testing? Today we will introduce you, our reader and future tester, to the role of a testing specialist, and we will tell you what you need to do to make sure that the software that you test comes out perfect after you have completed your QA testing.
September 11, 2020
Today we are continuously hearing about ‘motivation’. How do we get motivated, where does our motivation come from, and how do we stay motivated? Yet, the first and simplest question we should be asking is, ‘What is motivation?’ - because we’re not always 100% sure about what it is.
Software Quality Assurance Tester Job Description: Process, Methods, Examples
Software testing is an interesting process, it is like a detective story: searching for “evidence” – bugs, identifying them and “catching” – creating reports for further correction. Software testing is carried out according to pre-established rules, using certain methods and techniques. Let's look a little deeper into this profession.
Do you want to know how to become a Manual QA Tester in just a month? Read on to find out how right now.
There are a lot of things you can do in a month. You can read 10 books, watch 20 films, start a new diet, start jogging, get a pet, join a public library, follow Kanye West on Instagram, and you can vote for someone at an election and feel extremely disappointed with the outcome. Obviously you get the picture, we do lots of things that are useful in life, and loads of things that are useless, and could be considered a complete waste of time! 
Quality Assurance in software development: A beginner’s guide
Recruiting giants like Glassdoor and Indeed are showing thousands of people around the world that ‘Quality Assurance’ roles (QA) are a promising profession for individuals to enter into. The number of vacancies in this field are growing, the pay rates are high, and testers are needed in loads of different areas each day. So, what is QA, and is it possible for anyone to enter into this type of work?
How to get a job in tech: 4-Step Guide
For several years Forbes has been declaring that the professions in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) are the most popular, and highly paid professions in the world. IT is one of these areas, but how do you get a job in tech?
“Tell us about yourself” – The One Thing That We Forget To Prepare For When Going For An Interview
An interview is a great opportunity for a job seeker and an employer to meet and to communicate with each other. Preparing for an interview is one of the main steps to obtaining a successful career, so it’s important to be prepared for any questions and situations that could come up during an interview.
August 18, 2020
This new title is growing in popularity everyday, but what is a mentor, what are they not, and who can be one? Some people say a mentor is like a magician that can make incredible changes at the wave of a magic wand, but that isn’t really the case. Let’s dive right in to discover who a mentor really is and what they actually do.
Why do we need QA testers?
Not every software development company hires QA engineers. “Really” I hear you say. But without QA engineers, who monitors the quality of the product? Well, typically, this is done by the developers, and sometimes, the software is tested by other employees, and occasionally the director gets involved too. Basically, if there is no QA engineer, everybody “clicks buttons and looks for errors”. We find this approach wrong and potentially harmful. In this article, we will explain why QA software testers are so important.
Why did you leave your previous job? - The question recruiters love to ask but one that interviewees are not too keen on answering
An interview is like an adventure, and at the end of this adventure we hope to receive a reward − a desired job. But on our journey we can sometimes meet many obstacles, such as, what questions are you going to be asked by the recruiter. Some questions may be simple and straightforward, but others may be complex, and frankly, terrifying to some. Let's check out one of the most challenging questions that you are likely to be asked at all interviews − “Why did you leave your previous job?”
4 Stages in Website Testing – The Ultimate Tester’s Checklist
The Internet is where all businesses go to compete, and it is the tool that can differentiate one business from another. Most customers, who are looking for a particular product, search the internet for solutions and they make decisions after finding the information on the internet. Your online presence, your website, is the way you stay in the market and communicate with your desired audience. But, it’s not enough to ‘have a website’ in this day and age, you must have a website that is informative, accessible, and user-friendly. So, how can you be sure that your website ticks all of these boxes? You have to test it.
Self-education or courses – that is the question!
How often do we have to learn new things to do a certain job? In the ever-changing world of IT, it’s imperative now more than ever, to keep up to speed with the active development of information technologies and digitalization. Even the work we do is being transferred to digital format, and new programs are being introduced to help optimize work processes. But what are we to do?
5 Reasons Why QA Engineering Is One Of The Happiest Fields To Work In
In 2018, anthropologist David Graeber published a book called “Bullshit Jobs: A Theory.” One of his key ideas in this book is that our job is our primary tool for influencing the world. In a nutshell, we need to be involved in some kind of activity to feel good about ourselves and life. Our jobs make us feel useful, wholesome, balanced, and in the long run – happy. We feel happy when our work is related to helping others and caring.
Who is a QA Automated Testing Engineer?
The testing of a software product can be carried out in either a manual manner or in an automated manner. In first and second cases, a test plan is drawn up and test cases are written. The only difference is that during manual testing, the test cases are performed by a person, and during automatic testing a program tests the cases.
Manual QA testing engineers: Who are they and why a company cannot work without them?
Today, there are several thousand QA testing jobs in the USA, and California is home to a great deal of them. But why is QA manual testing still so popular among employers, and what skills do you need to have to be successful in this area? Read on to discover who QA manual testers are and why a company cannot work without them.
Manual QA testing vs Automation QA testing. Why does a manual QA tester need automated testing skills?
Having additional skills is always a bonus, no matter where you are in life or what job you have. In the ever-changing and rapidly growing world of IT it’s imperative that IT professionals, who work in the testing field, keep on working on their skills in order to keep up with the latest developments and advances.
DevOps engineer: What does this specialist do, what’s their salary like, and how to become one?
To begin, DevOps,short for Development Operations, is not quite a profession, rather DevOps can be classified as an approach to solving problems. This approach helps system administrators, QA testers, and developers to work better and more efficiently through high-quality automation and cooperation.
Will QA Manual Testing disappear in five years?
This is one burning question! And if we received a dollar for every time someone asked us this question we’d be richer than Zuckerberg!
ISA upgrades education and related services
JobEasy team focuses not only on education, but also on helping the students get jobs. For over a year, we have been improving our methodology and we have brought it to a high level.
Why do we teach Automation in Python, not Java
Here at QA School we often hear disputes over which programming language is worth learning to get to work faster in Test Automation – Java or Python?
Graduates success stories
At JobEasy, we tried to create a dream school that we ourselves once wanted to get into, but could not find such important and necessary knowledge. Below you can see some videos of the meetings with the graduates and articles of success stories.
How a 21-year-old waiter from Los Angeles got a job as a QA engineer after online courses at school
David is 21 and he worked as a waiter. The work was physically tiring and the wage depended on tips, it was difficult to go away for a couple of minutes.
How an accountant from Brooklyn got an offer for 50$/h as a QA engineer after the testing course in JobEasy school
Dila is a 40-year-old mother of two daughters and she is an accountant in Brooklyn. This year she decided to change her job, so she took up a course to become a tester. Here is Dila’s first person narrative about the pros of JobEasy iapproach, internship and salary of a QA Engineer.
How to start a career at IT and get $70–100K a year from the very beginning
Max Glubochansky won a green card in the lottery and came to San Francisco in 2013, at the age of 26. He chose California, because he knew that there were the highest salaries. There were a lot of technological companies around, but Max was into humanities and had neither experience in IT nor the wish to study it. 
How an English teacher after a testing school started to get $95K a year
Ilona taught English at university, but due to unstable wage and interest to technological sphere she decided to change her profession. Here is her first person narrative about the lessons, internship, job search and her current salary.
How an Art teacher from San Jose started to make a good living as a software tester after finishing school
Stef, an Art teacher from San Jose wanted to get a stable job, so she took up a course to become a tester. Here is her first person narrative about the lessons, internship, job search and her current salary.