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12-week intensive online training after which you can start looking for a mid-level job.

We will make your resume of experienced Engineer, so you can aim at $115K+ salary. We provide internships and references.

Live online classes with homework for daily practice. 1:1 support and mentoring, even after the course is over.

The first 2 lessons are FREE. You won't pay full tuition until you land a job. If you don't get a job in IT, you won't owe us anything.

You will learn how to answer interview questions and how to pass job interview coding and other tests.

Pay $999 registration fee and 15% of your salary in DevOps over 18 months (if you don't get a job, the course is FREE).


25 lessons (12 weeks). The first 2 lessons are FREE
Lessons 1–4
Linux System Administrator Basics

Intro: What is Linux. Distributions. Common Parts.
Installing: VirtualBox. Using GCP CLoud Shell. Download Linux Image. Shell. Basic Linux Commands.
File System: Directories. FS structure and permissions. Text processors. Executable binaries and scripts.

Lessons 5-8
Linux System Administrator Basics

Linux Subsystem components: Systemd/UpStart/Init. Mail. DNS. DHCP. SysLog.
Processes, STDIN/STDOUT/ERR: What is a process. Processlist. Kernel and Userspace. Fork. PID. Process Statuses. Background and foreground processes.
Advanced Command Line Techniques & Troubleshooting: Network. Process. Memory. Disk.

Lessons 9–15
DevOps/SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)

Intro: What is DevOps. How DevOps fits into SDLC. Agile, Scrum, Waterfall in DevOps.
Software configuration management systems: What is SCM. SCM structure. SCM Best practices / Git Flow.
AWS/GCP: Public Cloud Platforms Intro. Cloud basics. Architecture Best practices.
Configuration Management: CM intro. CM Best practices. Chef/Puppet/Ansible.

Lessons 16–21
DevOps/SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)

CI/CD: What is Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. Difference between Continuous Integration, Deployment & Delivery. CI Tools. Travis CI. Jenkins CI.
Docker & Kubernetes: Docker Intro. Docker Install. Docker Compose. Kubernetes/Nomad.
HashiCorp products: Terraform. Vault. Consul. Nomad. Vagrant.
Scripting and Infrastructure automation: Python in DevOps. CM extensions. YAML/JSON.
System Monitoring: Basics of what and why we monitor. System monitoring. APM Monitoring. Logging. ELK.

Lessons 22–25
Preparing for the Job Market. Recap and Practice.

Job market situation in your area. Preparing your resume and story. Creating a solid LinkedIn profile. Effective search and applying with job sites and LinkedIn. Job market skills and hacks. Practicing interview questions and answers. Review of the previous lessons and practice. 
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Max Glubochansky

Engineer of 6 years at Apple, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies

Andrey Shalobalo

10+ years of experience in DevOps at EPAM, New York Times and more

+ Guest instructors and mentors from other top IT companies.

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