How it Works

10-week (plus 5 more weeks) intensive online training after which you can start looking for a mid-level job.

We will make your resume of experienced Test Automation Engineer, so you can aim at $115K+ salary. We provide internships and references.

Live online classes with homework for daily practice. 1:1 support and mentoring, even after the course is over.

Moneyback till lesson 2. You won't pay full tuition until you land a job in test automation. If you don't get a job in automation, you won't owe us anything.

You will learn how to answer interview questions and how to pass job interview coding and other tests.

Pay $999 registration fee and 15% of your salary in automation over 18 months (if you don't get a job, the course is FREE).


You can start looking for a job after week 10.
2–3 weeks before the course starts

Career and market overview. Learn Python Basics here. Intro to Python and object-oriented programming (OOP). Students can ask questions at any time. Introduction Lesson video is available for FREE! Email to if you have any questions on Python.

Week 1 FREE
Setting up

Environment set up (Python3 / PyCharm + Selenium WebDriver + Behave), GitHub project creation. Additional material: GIT set up and usage.

Weeks 2–5
Learning fundamentals

About Selenium WebDriver. First test case creation. Locators (XPATH). Browser launch, find_element, send_keys, clear, click commands. Locators (CSS selectors). More test cases. Behave fundamentals: features, scenarios, steps. Errors and debugging. Control flow: if, elif, else in test autoation. Assertions. Find_elements & find_element usage. Loops in test automation. WebDriver Waits: explicit and implicit / sleep.

Weeks 6–10
Learning advanced Selenium and Automation patterns

Expected Conditions library. Window handling. Actions, Frames, Alerts, Dropdowns, window handling. Page Object Pattern, test data separation. Launch in different browsers. EventFiringWebDriver, logging. Allure for reporting. BrowserStack & CI. Resume prep and Selenium interview questions. Start looking for a mid-level job in Test Automation! Bonus for top-performing students: Pytest Framework. Test Automation for Mobile. Appium.

Weeks 11–15

Basic algorithms and Big O: Fibonacci, Reverse a String, What is Big O and How to Count It, Binary Search, Palindrome Check, BinaryGap, Anagram Check. Popular interview algorithm tests: Array Pair Sum, Largest Continuous Sum, String Compression, Unique Characters in a String. Recursion. Sorting: Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort. Python-specific interview questions.

Our instructors

Lana Levinsohn

8 years of experience in all kinds of manual and automated testing

Ilya Tishin

4 years of experience in web-development and QA

Yuriy Sokolov

QA Team Lead at Google, with 7+ years of experience in IT

+ Guest instructors from Facebook, Google and other top IT companies.

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