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According to Indeed.com the average salary in QA is $99,512 per year for a Software Test Engineer.

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$699 Registration Fee

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Pay $2,999 upfront or owe 12% of the first 18 months salary of your new job in tech

$99,512 avg. annual salary in QA




Intensive online course to learn and practice all you need for a QA career. We will help you to find a QA job!

*Pay for the course only after you get a QA job. If you don't get a QA job, the entire course is FREE.



Private Coaching with QA pros.

Two 45-minute sessions per month.

Cancel Anytime.

First 15 minutes are free.

QA Pro


API Testing intensive course.
Get the necessary skills and practice.

Automation Engineer course.
Learn Python and Test Automation.

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I received an offer of $45+ per hour after the very first interview with a company in New York! I didn’t have any prior experience in this field. Max Glubochansky and his colleagues are fantastic! They explain everything very well. Before I signed up with them, I did a lot of research among online schools :)
I’m one of Max’s students who did the program and is highly happy and satisfied! I’m employed at Google as a tester and I absolutely love it! This is 100% working and I’m very grateful and thankful to Max. He does everything to make his students successful and competitive. You just have to be persistent hard working and optimistic. This field is in demand now and the market is pretty good as well. All you need to do is just finish the course and start applying!
In just a month after the course, I had two offers 🤘. Got into the supergiant company in San Francisco, for which I am incredibly grateful to Max Glubochansky and the company.
I’m 21 years old. I worked as a waiter. Got an offer for $35/hour in Los Angeles!
I would like to thank you very much. I’ve got and signed up offers of $80K form the first interview!
Got a job at Intel of $46/hour just two weeks after the training. At first, I was worried about my bad English, but I shouldn’t have been, I was so coached in the interview questions, that I answered all of them.
I would definitely recommend this QA bootcamp! I was in among first array of graduates, when nobody even knew of that school, and I trusted them following my guts (after researching many other similar bootcamps). I came to QA from a totally different background, and had lots of doubts, but Max and Ivan were really supportive along the way. After 2.5 months of extensive job search, failed interviews, disappointments, mood swings and ups and downs I found the position I could only dream of. I’m working now for a fortune 100 company full time with benefits and all other perks. Thank you guys! You helped me switch gears and finally find myself!

Meet our instructors.

Max Glubochansky

QA engineer of 6 years at Apple, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies

Lana Levinsohn

8 years of experience in all kinds of manual and automated testing

Natalia Atif

QA lead of 10 years at Intel, Apple and other Silicon Valley companies

Yuriy Sokolov

QA Team Lead at Google, with 7+ years of experience in IT

Patrick Siebenthal

QA Engineer at Facebook and Intel with 6+ years in VR and Mobile testing

Alex Khvastovich

QA Manager at United Power, 7+ years in Multiplatform/Web Software QA

+ Guest instructors from Facebook, Google and other top IT companies.

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